3. Education

MA by Research in Theology. Department of Theology and Religion - Durham University. [ongoing]
Dissertation: “Divine Gifts, Human Portraits: The Theological Virtues in Contemporary Cinema”. Supervisor: Gerard Loughlin.

2011. PhD in Film Studies. School of Arts - University of Kent.
Thesis: “Strung Pieces: On the Aesthetics of Television Fiction Series”. Supervisors: Murray Smith and Steven Peacock (University of Hertfordshire). Examiners: Jinhee Choi and Jason Jacobs (University of Queensland). Classification: unanimously approved without corrections.

2005. MA in Film Studies: approved with distinction. School of Drama, Film and Visual Arts - University of Kent.
Classification: 74/100. Dissertation: “Melodies of the Visible: Diversity in Music Video”. Supervisor: Sarah Cardwell. Examiners: Cardwell and Steve Neale (University of Exeter). Classification: 78/100, approved with distinction.

2002. BA (with Honours) in Architecture. Faculty of Architecture - Technical University of Lisbon.
Classification: 15/20. Curricular internship report: “Arquitecturas da Palavra” [“Architectures of the Word”]. Supervisor: José Gorjão Jorge. Classification: approved with merit.

2008. Associate Teacher Accreditation Programme. Unit for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching - University of Kent.

2001. Poetics of the Last, Poetics of the Trace and Poetics of the Passage. Sintra Museum of Modern Art.

1999. Form Z. Faculty of Architecture - Technical University of Lisbon.

1998. Themes for an Introduction to Film Aesthetics. National Society of Fine Arts.