2. Education

Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) in Architecture: 15, approved with merit (curricular internship report). Faculty of Architecture - Technical University of Lisbon. 1995-2002.
Curricular internship report: “Arquitecturas da Palavra” [“Architectures of the Word”].
Supervisor: José Gorjão Jorge.

Master of Arts (MA) in Film Studies: approved with distinction. School of Drama, Film and Visual Arts - University of Kent. 2004-5.
Dissertation: “Melodies of the Visible: Diversity in Music Video”.
Supervisor: Sarah Cardwell.
Examiners: Cardwell and Steve Neale (University of Exeter).

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Film Studies: unanimously approved without corrections. School of Arts - University of Kent. 2006-10. Degree conferred on 18 Nov. 2011.
Thesis: “Strung Pieces: On the Aesthetics of Television Fiction Series”.
Supervisors: Murray Smith and Steven Peacock (University of Hertfordshire).
Examiners: Jinhee Choi and Jason Jacobs (University of Queensland).

Master of Arts by Research (MAR) in Theology. Department of Theology and Religion - Durham University. 2018-.
Dissertation: “Divine Gifts, Human Portraits: The Theological Virtues in Contemporary Cinema”.
Supervisor: Gerard Loughlin.

2.1. Other Education

1st-6th grade. Champagnat Day School. 1984-89.

7th-9th grade. D. Filipa Private School. 1989-92.

10th-12th grade. Father Alberto Neto High School. 1992-95.

Themes for an Introduction to Film Aesthetics. National Society of Fine Arts. 1997-98.

Form Z. Faculty of Architecture - Technical University of Lisbon. 1999.

Poetics of the Last, Poetics of the Trace and Poetics of the Passage. Sintra Museum of Modern Art. 2001.

Associate Teacher Accreditation Programme. Unit for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching - University of Kent. 2007-8.