14. Participations in Events

A Luz e a Sombra na Arquitectura e na Paisagem [Light and Shadow in Architecture and Landscape]. Lisbon, 25 Nov. 1998.

1st Congress of the Portuguese Architects’ Association. Evora, 26 to 29 Oct. 2000.

9th Congress of the Portuguese Architects. Evora, 26 to 29 Oct. 2000.

International Conference on Architecture Criticism: Critical-Situation. Porto, 13 Oct. 2002.

The British Film Institute and Its Publics: A Historical Perspective. University of London, 10 Nov. 2006.

“Auteur Machines?: Auteurism and the DVD” by Catherine Grant. University of Kent, 21 Nov. 2007.

“In-Between” by Andrew Klevan. University of Kent, 24 Jan. 2007.

Kendall Walton and the Aesthetics of Photography and Film. University of Kent, 30 Nov. to 1 Dec. 2007.

“Spectres of the Real: Documentary Time and the Surreal of Reality: Ways of Seeing and Knowing” by Elizabeth Cowie. University of Kent, 14 Feb. 2007.

“Why Nobody Needs a Theory of Art” by Dominic Lopes. University of Kent, 23 May. 2007.

“Authenticity in the Hybrid and Digital Arts” by Aaron Meskin. University of Kent, 26 Nov. 2008.

“The Censorship of Interiority: Shame, ‘Hejab’, Cinema” by Joan Copjec. University of Kent, 21 May.

“Cultural Problems of Classical Film Theory: Béla Balázs, ‘Universal Language’, and the Birth of National Cinema” by Mattias Frey. University of Kent, 3 Dec.

“The Experience of Auteurism in Contemporary Film Culture” by Catherine Grant. University of Cambridge, 2 Dec. 2008.

“Hypothetical Intentionalism Defended” by Jerrold Levinson. University of Kent, 23 Oct. 2008.

“Medium-Specificity Arguments and Cinema” by Berys Gaut. University of Kent, 28 Mar. 2008.

“The Morality and Immorality of Jokes” by Jerrold Levinson. University of Kent, 25 Nov. 2008.

“The Muzzling of Samuel Fuller’s White Dog” by Lisa Dombrowski. University of Kent, 16 Dec. 2008.

“The New Cinema History” by Richard Maltby. University of Kent, 28 Oct. 2008.

“Self-Reflexivity in Three Films Noir: Laura, Double Indemnity, and Sunset Boulevard” by Christophe Gelly. University of Kent, 28 May 2008.

“Stardom in the Age of Celebrity” by Pamela Church Gibson. University of Kent, 12 Nov. 2008.

XI Autumn Colloquium (Performance Studies): Global Performance/Political Performance. University of Minho, 10 to 12 Dec. 2009.

Acting Out: A Symposium on Film Performance, Inference and Interpretation. University of Reading, 20 Mar. 2009.

Key Concepts in Aesthetics by Jerrold Levinson. University of Kent, 21 Jan. to 9 Apr. 2009.

Lost Logos: Channel 4 and the Branding of American Event Television” by Paul Grainge. University of Kent, 25 Feb. 2009.

“Philosophical Insight, Emotion, and Popular Fiction: The Case of Sunset Boulevard” by Noël Carroll. Nova University of Lisbon, 14 Dec. 2009.

“Visualidade Háptica e os Neurónios Espelho” [“Haptic Visuality and Mirror Neurons”] by Patrícia Silveirinha Castello Branco. “Questions in Aesthetics” seminar. Nova University of Lisbon, 17 Dec. 2009.

“Como Vejo a Encíclica Caritas in Veritate” [“How I See the Encyclical Caritas in Veritate”] by Eduardo Lourenço. Technical University of Lisbon, 28 Jan. 2010.

“Cine-conferência” [“Cine-conference”] by Edgar Pêra. University of Coimbra, 21 Sept. 2011.

“Jean-Luc Godard e o Filme Ensaio Através do Exemplo de Paixão (Passion)” [“Jean-Luc Godard and the Essay Film Through the Example of Passion”] by Carolin Overhoff Ferreira. Nova University of Lisbon, 16 May 2011.

“Vanguarda Francesa: Dadaísmo e Surrealismo” [“French Vanguard: Dadaism and Surrealism”] by Flávio Kactuz. University of Coimbra, 24 Apr. 2012.

XIII National Conference of the Dominican Family. Dominican Sisters House, Fatima, 8 a 10 Nov. 2013.

“Arquivo de Nós Mesmos: A Memória Desfiada em Narrativas” [“Archival of Ourselves: Memory Shredded in Narratives”] by Ana Maio. University of Coimbra, 1 Oct. 2013.

“A Arte, o Artista e a Sociedade” [“Art, the Artist and Society”] by António Pedro Pita. Coimbra Municipal Museum - Chiado Building, 13 Nov. 2013.

“A Denominada Reforma do Estado” [“The So-Called State Reform”] by António Avelãs Nunes. Portuguese Communist Party Labor Centre in Coimbra, 23 Fev. 2013.

“Caminhos da Paz” [“Paths of Peace”] by Sol de Carvalho. University of Coimbra, 28 Mar. 2014.

O Dr. Adrián e os 5 Senhores” [“Dr. Adrián and the 5 Gentlemen”] by Francisco Moura Relvas. University of Coimbra, 26 May 2014.

“Kelly Reichardt in Conversation”. University of Oxford, 23 May 2014.

Lusitânia, Filme-Tese da Escola do Porto” [“Lusitânia, Thesis-Film of Porto School”] by Nuno Lopes. University of Coimbra, 19 May 2014.

“Vídeo-Dança” [“Video-Dance”] by Pedro Sena Nunes. University of Coimbra, 21 Feb. 2014.

6th International Symposium on Cinemas in Portuguese, org. Centre for 20th Century Interdisciplinary Studies - University of Coimbra, Rio de Janeiro State University, and Fluminense Federal University. University of Coimbra, 10-11 Mar. 2015.

“Cineclubes e Movimento Cineclubista no Brasil” [“Film Societies and the Film Society Movement in Brazil”] by Gilvan Veiga Dockhorn. University of Coimbra, 15 Dec. 2015.

Congress for the Mission of the Order, org. Order of Preachers (Ordo Praedicatorum). Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum), 17 to 23 Jan. 2017.

Encontro Nacional de Docentes e Investigadores do Ensino Superior: “O Professor Cristão na Universidade” [National Meeting of Higher Education Teachers and Researchers: “The Christian Professor at the University”], org. National Pastoral Service for Higher Education. St. Bruno House, Fatima, 22 Apr. 2017.

V Encontro Nacional de Docentes e Investigadores do Ensino Superior: “Diálogos e Valores no Ensino Superior, à Luz da Mais Recente Encíclica do Papa Francisco, ‘Fratelli Tutti’” [National Meeting of Higher Education Teachers and Researchers: “Dialogues and Values in Higher Education in Light of the Latest Encyclical by Pope Francis, ‘Tutti Fratelli’”], org. Serviço Nacional da Pastoral do Ensino Superior. Online, 6 Mar. 2021.